Online Partnership Registration starts from Rs.2999/-. 

(inclusive all Govt. fee)

1.Free Lawyer assistance for the whole year including the followings

 a. Best partnership Deed preparation under Partnership Act 1932 .
 b. Preparation of Partnership Deed by the experienced Lawyer.

 c. Partnership Registration with Stamp paper Varies from state to state.

 d. Pan registration for the Proposed Partnership.
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Partnership Registration

Easy Registration of Partnership.

Partnership Deed must be prepared by keeping all the applicable section from 1 to 74 coming under Partnership Act,1932. Liberators qualified Lawyer Prepare such Deed by meeting the entire Legal requirement. Liberators Offers Partnership Registration From Rs 2,999/-.

In this form of organisation, few like-minded persons pool up their resources to form a partnership firm. Section 4 of the Partnership Act, 1932, defines partnership as “The relation between persons who have agreed to share the profits of a business carried on by all or any of them acting for all”. This definition chiefly brings out the following features of partnership:

Features of Partnership Registration.

1.Contractual relationship:-

Since partnership arises out of agreement between persons, only those persons who are competent to contract can be partners.

2.Existence of business

There can be no partnership without business. The persons who have agreed to become partners must carry out some business activity.

3.Sharing of Profit:-

The agreement to carry on business must be entered into, with the object of making a profit and sharing it among all the partners.

4.Mutual agency

The business must be carried on by all the partners or by any one or more of them acting for all the partners. Thus each partner is both an agent and a principal for all other partners.

Advantages of Partnership Registration


Once after the preparation of the Partnership Deed and after meeting the terms and conditions of the partnership Deed, the local registrar shall record an entry of the statement in a Register called the Register of the Firms, and shall file the statement.

One year Registration

Partnership Registration is compulsory immediately or within  period of one year from the date of formation of the company

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Right to Sue

After partnership Registration only, partnership possess the right to sue for all the rights arising out of any contract entered with third party.

Choose Your Perfect Plan

Basic Rs.3499/-
inclusive all fees

Basic partnership deed drafting by experienced Lawyer, GST Registration. Inclusive of all government fee and taxes.


Standard Rs.9999/-
inclusive all fees

Partnership deed drafting by a Lawyer along with deed registration, GST Registration. Inclusive of all government fee and taxes.


Premium Rs.15599/-
inclusive all fees

Partnership deed drafting by a Lawyer, GST Registration, deed registration, trademark filing. Inclusive of all government fee and taxes.

Check out

  • record the minutes of the meeting and get them signed by the Chairman within thirty days of the meeting.
  • To Preparation of minutes of the Annual General Meeting.
  • To send intimation of appointment/re-appointment of auditors.
  • To file copies of the special and other resolutions, if any, passed at the meeting, along with Form MGT- 14 with the Registrar of Companies, within thirty days of the meeting.
  • To file balance sheet, profit and loss account, reports of the directors and the auditors and the notice of the meeting in Form AOC-4 within thirty days of the meeting. Ensure that a copy of Secretarial Audit Report obtained from a qualified company secretary, the same audit report is filed with Registrar of Companies within 30 days from the date of annual general meeting.
  • To file along with the prescribed filing fee, Annual Return in Schedule V to the Companies Act as an attachment to Form MGT-7 with the Registrar of Companies within sixty days of the meeting prepared as at the date of the annual general meeting, as required by Section 92 of the Companies Act, 2013. The Certificate of Company Secretary shall be in Form MGT-8 and extract of annual return shall be attached with Board Report in Form MGT-9.
  • Ensure that in the case of listed company, the annual return is also signed by a Company Secretary in whole time practice.