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your brand name is the biggest asset of your business. By doing trademark registration you can not only protect your valuable brand name but also you will avoid legal difficulties. Liberators provide Trademark filings from Rs 5599/-.
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Trademark Filing

A trademark, commonly known as a brand name, is any mark which a person adopts to distinguish his goods or services from those of others. It is, in essence the face of a business, which helps the consumers to identify and recognise a particular brand. It can be a word, symbol, logo, tag line, phrase, letter, numeral, sound, colour, or any combination thereof, which distinguishes the goods/services of one person from those of others. Thus the object of a trademark is to provide brand recognition and protection.

Trademarks are broadly classified into word arks and device marks.

Word Mark: As the name suggests, a word mark is simply a word or words, without any elements added to it. Registration of a word mark provides the widest protection as it grants the registrant the right to use the word in any format.  By registering a word mark, one can prevent third parties from using the word in any manner whatsoever.

Device Mark: A device mark is one which has some unique, additional representation. It could be a design, a particular font used, or the stylised depiction of a word, or combination of words and design etc. 

Liberators provide the simple, easiest and hustle free Trademark registration services in professionals involvement in every process of Trademark filing, opposition and counter statement process make this whole process easier and smooth and understandable.

 Benefits of Trademark registration

Nationwide protection

A single registration grants you nation-wide protection even though your business may not have expanded to the whole country yet. You need not file separate applications for each state.

Builds Goodwill

Being able to use the ® symbol adds immense value and trust to your products, helps you in winning the confidence of your consumers and at the same time puts others on notice of your legal rights.

Builds financial value

Registering your trademark also gives you the advantage of increasing the brand worth. If you wish to sell / franchise your trademark registration would be most beneficial as it multiplies the financial value of your trademark.

List of documents required for Trademark filing

Self identity and Business proof

 If the  Trademark filing is for individual than passport, adhar card, driving license or voter card is required as address proof. In case of legal entity or register body ,incorporation certificate or partnership Deed is required

Logo with tagline

 If the Trademark application is only for words not for device than logo is not required but if the Trademark application is for device than logo is mandatory with word mark and logo must contain the exact words written on the Trademark application.

Power of Attorney (Form 48)

 Power of Attorney (Form 48) is required to authorise our trademark attorney to file Trademark application with the Trademark Registrar. 

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