The Registrar of the Trademark determines if the application should be refused or put up for “show cause” hearing. Once the application put up for hearing our Senior Trademark Attorney appear before the Registrar to attain the Hearing. Liberators offers hearing starts from Rs 6500/-.

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Trademark Hearing

What is a Show cause hearing in Trademark Registration process?

Once an examination report is issued, the applicant has to submit his written reply notice to overcome the objection raised. After this, the mark may either directly get published in the Trademarks journal as accepted or, in cases where the Registry requires further clarifications, the application may be scheduled for “show cause hearing”.  

These show cause hearings are extremely crucial for an application as it is the final opportunity given to the applicant to protect his mark from being refused.

At Liberators, we appoint only qualified and experienced professionals to represent your trademark in the show cause hearing before the Registry, which ensures the following advantages:

ü  strong legal arguments

ü  deep subject knowledge and understanding,

ü   extensive research to suit your case

ü  strong supporting judicial case studies, judgments etc.

ü  thorough documentation work.

As the fate of a trademark application is often decided during the show cause hearings, it is an absolute necessity to ensure that your mark is represented only by professionals with prior experience and knowledge in the area.

At Liberators, we always entrust your cases only to professionals!!! 



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