Any Design capable of being registered only if its new or original and if its not registered under the Design Act, 2000 than its exposed to the risk of piracy. Registered your Design with Liberators through a very unique process, We offer Design from Rs 6499/-.

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Design Registration


In simple terms, a design is the outer appearance, shape, pattern, ornamentation or configuration of an article, either two dimensional or three dimensional, which is applied to enhance the visual appeal of an article. A design plays no role in the functionality or usefulness of the article, but merely adds to its visual appearance.


Customers are automatically attracted to the visual design and appearance of a product. The outward attractiveness of a product plays a decisive role and immediately makes the product more sellable. For this reason the manufacturers keep remodeling their articles to make them unique and eye-catching.  The visual features of a product have a direct impact on its sales and popularity and hence it is considered to be an important intellectual property of a business.

An illustrative list of non- registrable design is as under:

  • Book jackets, calendars, certificate, forms and other documents.
  • Dress making patterns, greeting cards, leaflets, maps and plan cards
  • post cards, stamps and medals 
  • Labels, tokens, cards, and cartoons.
  • Any principle or mode of construction of an article.
  • mere workshop alterations of components of an assembly
  • mere change in size inn article.


Advantages of Design Registration

Exclusive Right

Registration of design confers exclusive right on the registrant to apply the particular design. It is an assurance against all sorts of infringement or exploitation.

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Claim of Damages

If any person commits piracy of a registered design, as defined in section 22 of Design Act 2000, he shall be liable to pay for a payment of a sum which may extend to Rs 25,000/- recoverable as contact bebt 

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Rights of Assignment

Design Act 2000 states gives exclusive right or assignment/ license only after the registration of the Design only and as per Sec 30 (1) after assignment the assignee may make application in the prescribed form to the controller to the register his title. 

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              Rs 6499/-

 Design registration for one article, wherein the applicant is a         proprietor or individual. Inclusive of government fee.


            Rs. 8499/-.

    Design registration for one article, wherein the applicant is a legal entity having MSME or Startup registration. Inclusive of all fee.